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Our Work

At Commercial Catering Solutions, we take immense pride in our commitment to ensuring the seamless operation of commercial kitchens and food service establishments. Our team of skilled technicians and professionals has been dedicated to resolving a wide range of equipment issues, from minor repairs to complex overhauls, across various sectors of the industry.


In this page you will find a selection of case studies that show our expertise and the range of challenges we’ve successfully overcome for our valued clients. These case studies provide a window into the practical solutions we’ve delivered, the innovative techniques we’ve employed, and the significant cost savings and operational efficiencies we’ve achieved. We hope that this collection of real-world scenarios will not only demonstrate our capabilities but also inspire confidence in our ability to meet your specific catering equipment maintenance and repair needs.


"Servicing Excellence, Ensuring Efficiency"

Seamless Rational Oven Installation Services at IKEA Sites in Ireland
Ikea Logo

Being a trusted service partner for Rational, we were commissioned to perform pre-installation assessments at IKEA sites in Ireland. Our dedicated engineer was dispatched to the location armed with all the relevant information regarding the new ovens. They meticulously executed the required checks in accordance with Rational's comprehensive checklist.

After a few weeks, we revisited the site, ensuring it was at a time and date convenient for the customer's kitchen schedule. During this visit, we expertly undertook the installation of the ovens, meticulously following the manufacturer's instructions. Our service extended to the commissioning of the ovens and the pre-loading of all menus, ensuring they were ready for use.

Rational Oven Installation
Elevating the Dishwashing Experience at The New Quays, Portavogie
The Quays Portavogie

At the request of a valued customer, we undertook the exciting task of enhancing the dishwash area within a bustling restaurant. Collaborating closely with both our client and their dedicated staff, we devised a comprehensive plan to revamp the dishwashing operations.

Our journey began by designing a cutting-edge dishwasher solution that seamlessly integrated with both clean and dirty table areas. With meticulous planning, we executed the entire installation process in collaboration with a trusted contractor. What makes this upgrade truly remarkable is that it occurred during non-operational hours, ensuring zero disruption to the restaurant's patrons.


To realise this vision, we provided and expertly installed a state-of-the-art Classeq hooded dishwasher. Once installed, our team meticulously commissioned the machine and conducted thorough training sessions with the restaurant's staff. The result? A superior and efficient dishwashing area that aligns perfectly with the restaurant's needs, all while maintaining the highest standards of customer service.

Dishwashing area Classeq
Planned Preventive Maintenance Contracts (PPM) for Grammar Schools
Preventative Maintenance Contracts

We take great pride in serving some of Northern Ireland's most prestigious Grammar schools as our esteemed clients. Our collaboration with these schools begins from the initial contact, starting with a comprehensive equipment assessment and visual inspection. This step ensures that our service contract proposal is tailored to meet their specific needs.

Together with the schools, we determine the frequency of service visits required annually to uphold the functionality of their equipment. Our PPM (Planned Preventive Maintenance) services are strategically designed to minimize machine downtime, particularly during the academic terms, and are scheduled in alignment with the school's preferences.

By implementing a robust PPM strategy, our clients benefit in several ways:

  • Prolonged lifespan of their property assets.

  • Reduced dependence on major, unexpected repair work.

  • Enhanced productivity due to minimized unplanned downtimes.

  • Improved overall operational efficiency.

  • Cost savings through decreased maintenance and overtime expenditures.


Investing in a PPM contract not only ensures peak performance of your kitchen equipment but also significantly extends its operational lifespan. Regular maintenance and equipment servicing enable the early detection and resolution of minor issues before they escalate into major problems, ultimately reducing the wear and tear on your machinery.

We extend our wealth of experience and expertise not only to end customers but also to various facilities management companies in Ireland and the mainland UK. They rely on us to manage the maintenance of commercial catering equipment across a diverse range of sites. These sites encompass everything from pizza restaurant chains and pubs to upscale restaurants and office buildings.

In close collaboration with the primary contractor, we meticulously execute our work to the highest standards. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our on-site completion of PDF job sheets, ensuring that the contractor stays informed about the latest status of all service calls.

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